YouLicense is an online music licensing marketplace that allows musicians to license their music for use in advertisements, films, videos, commercials, and more.

With YouLicense musicians can offer up their music to be licensed for both commercial and non-commercial use in a safe and secure environment.

YouLicense is non-exclusive which means musicians can sign-up for more than one licensing service, allowing them to earn some extra cash.

Anyone with musical content is welcomed to upload music and offer licenses for sale on.

For clients looking for music, YouLicense offers a “unique search engine” that makes it easy to find the perfect music for your project.

To get started musicians can setup a free account, create a profile and upload up to 10 songs.

When a client selects a song(s) to license both parties receive standardized contracts which allow for a quick and easy process.

YouLicense offers 3 pricing plans for artists: “Free”, “Pro Musician”, and “Business”. With the “Free” plan, artists pay no monthly fees and in return YouLicense keeps 9% of the licensing fee. With the “Pro” plan, artists pay $39.95 a month (first six months only $29.95), however, YouLicense takes no cut of the licensing fees. Similar to the “Pro” plan, the “Business” plan also sees no cut of royalty fees and comes with unlimited storage for music and more. The “Business” plan cost $69.95 a month.

PRICE: Free – $69.95


  • Free - There is a free pricing plan available
  • Non Exclusive - YouLicense licensing contracts are non-exclusive
  • Discovery - YouLicense provides a "unique search engine" making it easy for clients to discover your music
  • No Revenue Share (paid plans) - YouLicense does not take a cut of licensing fees on paid plans


  • Revenue share - On the "Free" plan, YouLicense takes 9% of the licensing fee
  • Control - Limited control of where your music will be used


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