Virb is a simple, easy to use website builder. The service allows users to create high quality fully hosted websites quickly and easily.

The site offers several templates to choose from, all of which are customizable and a couple aimed squarely at musicians.

Virb makes it easy to integrate with social media sites such as Last.fm, Twitter, and Facebook. They also offer several tools geared towards musicians such as the ability to create an audio page, events page, photo gallery, and post videos. In addition to your photos, videos and audio, users can also upload and share PDFs, ZIPs or anything else your might need.

You don’t have to be versed in coding to create a great looking site on Virb. With dozens of stunning themes chances are there’s a theme perfect for any user. Although there’s no coding required to get your site up and running, the site does give users direct access to the raw HTML and CSS of their site to create a fully customized site.

Virb costs $10 a month. A 10 day free trial is also available (no credit card required).

PRICE: $10.00 a month



  • Easy to use - The service is easy to use with no coding knowledge required
  • Tools Aimed at Musicians - SoundCloud and BandCamp integration and more
  • Free custom domain - Users can set-up their own custom domain for free
  • Beautiful Themes - The service offers beautiful themes with a couple geared towards bands
  • Customization - Fully customize your website with direct access to the raw HTML and CSS of your site


  • Limited templates - Although they have great templates, they are only a few to choose from
  • No Email - No email service for Virb sites ("yet"), so you will have to use a 3rd party
  • No “Free” Plan - There is a monthly fee to use the platform



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