Vimeo is a video sharing and hosting website. With Vimeo users can upload, view and share videos, giving them full control over their videos. The services powerful privacy settings allow video creators to protect their videos, including choosing where videos can and can’t be embedded

Vimeo offers several features including High Definition playback, video albums, video channels, no bandwidth cap or time limits, video player customization, and password-protected videos. Additionally, Vimeo’s paid plans allows users to customize their players, advanced privacy controls, advanced analytics, ad-free viewing, and much more. It’s many of these features that have attracted several popular musicians including Beck, Bj√∂rk, Kanye West, and Britney Spears, all of whom have used Vimeo to release videos.

Vimeo offers 3 plans, a free version, a paid version called Vimeo Plus, and a version for business and commercial-use called Vimeo Pro.

Vimeo Plus offers several features in addition to those found on the free version including advanced statistics, higher quality video, and privacy with domain-level control.

Vimeo Pro is built of businesses and for users who plan to use their videos for commercial-use, something the other 2 plans don’t allow. Among the features available are HTML5 support, super-customizable video player and more.

Vimeo Plus cost $9.95 a month or $59.95 a year. Vimeo Pro cost $199 a year.

PRICE: Free – $9.95 a month ($199 a year for “Pro”)



  • Customization - Customizable video player
  • Analytics - Get detailed analytics
  • Control - Ability to control where your video is embedded
  • High Quality Videos - Videos can be uploaded as HD videos


  • Restrictions - Only Non-Commercial use videos allowed (except on "Pro" plan)
  • Weekly Limits - Limits on upload space per week (except on "Pro" plan)


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