Viinyl allows musicians to create a one page song-based website in minutes. With the service users can turn a song into a one page site to promote and showcase their music with the ability to add lyrics, artwork, videos, and notes. In essence, bands and musicians can create a Viinyl page for each of their songs. “1 song, 1 site, 1 URL.”

Viinly also gives users a set of promotion tools to aide them in promoting their music including the ability to add various download options.

“The viinyl platform turns your song into an interactive website – a digital version of the 45rpm single with artwork and videos. viinyl sites are optimized to travel the web, engage fans, grow market demand for your band and increase customer loyalty using marketing techniques for the web”




  • Free - Viinyl is free to use
  • Easy to use - The service is simple to use and navigate
  • Easy set-up - Get a page set-up in minutes
  • Social Integration - connect with other social networks seamlessly 
Price - The service is 100% free


  • Branding - there is a “Viinyl” icon on the page you create.
  • One song limit - Since each page is centered around one song, you are limited to only one song per Viinyl page you create.



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