TwitMusic is a Twitter-based music marketing platform that allows artist to easily upload and share their own music. Using the service artists can share their music with their followers in a matter of minutes and fans can, in turn, share music on their Twitter feed with one click by selecting ‘Love’, ‘Retweet’, or ‘#nowplaying’.

The only thing needed to begin sharing on TwitMusic is a Twitter account, once signed in artists can upload and share songs and other content through Twitter as well as a dedicated TwitMusic page. TwitMusic makes music discovery easy with sections for “Most Popular”, “Most Recent”, and “Top Downloads”. Users can listen to songs for free, embed individual tracks on third party sites, download songs, or buy tracks on TwitMusic via iTunes.

Each TwitMusic artist page contains artist details taken from Twitter along with their follower counts and the number of songs they have on the service. In addition, fans can leave comments on tracks as well track the number of plays, and who has listened to and loved a song.

TwitMusic offers several different pricing plans based on Twitter followers, with the lowest pricing plan starting at $8 a month for users with 0-1,000 followers. With millions of users on Twitter, TwitMusic gives artist the tools to leverage those users, giving artists the opportunity to reach new fans.

PRICE: $10 – $1,000 a month


  • Free - TwitMusic is free to use
  • Analytics - Basic analytics allows artists to track plays and listeners
  • Engagement - Reach new fans
  • Community - Leverage Twitters millions of users to find new fans
  • Downloads - Artists can offers songs as free downloads


  • Twitter Required - In order to use TwitMusic a Twitter account is required
  • iTunes Only Purchases - Songs offered for sale can only be purchased through iTunes



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