TicketLeap is a self-service online ticketing company specializing in small-to-midsize events.

With TicketLeap musicians can sell tickets to their shows and use the tools the service provides to promote them.

Among the features available is the ability for event organizers to create a customizable events page with custom colors, background images, and custom buttons.

TicketLeap also has embeddable widgets which allows fans to easily share and promote your event.

The service offers several ways for buyers to redeem a ticket including scanning tickets at the door with free Android and iPhone apps. For those that don’t want to scan tickets, TicketLeap allows for mobile check-in so attendee can check-in from their smartphone.

Aside from the ability to track sales, TicketLeap provides the ability to view referring websites, geographic location of buyers, and even create custom tracking codes for tickets.

It’s free to create an event on TicketLeap. For online sales, Ticketleap charges a $1 flat fee for tickets plus 2% of the ticket price. For in-person there is no charge, regardless of price. All of these fees can be passed to ticket buyers. For free events, TicketLeap does not charge any fees. For events that are $5 or less there’s a flat fee of $0.25 per ticket including credit card processing.

PRICE: $1 + 2% of ticket price


  • Track sales
  • Scan tickets at the door with free mobile app
  • Mobile check-in for attendees
  • Free to create an event
  • Customizable events page


  • Ticket Fee - Fees on each ticket sold
  • High credit card processing fees - For credit card purchases, TicketLeap charges a processing fee of 4.99%



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