Storenvy is an online store system and marketplace for bands, clothing companies, record labels, artists, and anyone else who wants to sell merchandise online. The website consists of a series of online stores run by independent sellers.

With Storenvy anyone can create a store that is customizable without the need for any coding or programing knowledge, best of all the service is FREE.

Storenvy features a easy to use feature-rich admin panel and includes store stats, inventory tracking, discount codes, and SSL security, to protect transactions.

With Storenvy sellers can sell an unlimited amount of products and include up to 5 images per product. To increase sells, the service allows sellers to offer discount codes, set up a Facebook store app, and use their own domain name.

Regardless of how many products you sell there are no setup fees, no monthly fees, no listing fees, and no transaction fees (on your own store). Sellers keep 100% of sales from their own custom stores while Storenvy keeps 10% of every sale on Storenvy’s marketplace.



  • Free - The service is 100% free, there are no fees to open a store
  • Customizable - Customizable storefronts
  • Get Featured - Have your merch featured on the Storenvy Market place, reaching thousands of potential customers
  • Community - Interact on the Storenvy community forum, building an audience and improving your site


  • Page limits - You can only create a few basic pages on your store (merch page, contact page, store profile)
  • No Google Analytics support - Doesn't support Google Analytics



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