SoundCloud is a social sound platform where anyone can create and share audio files, including music.

SoundCloud makes it easy for bands and musicians to promote their music through a customizable embeddable music player that fans can share and post anywhere, including Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Recording and uploading sounds and music to SoundCloud is dead easy and only take a few minutes. The service offers flexible privacy setting, allowing users to share a track privately or share it with the world.

Sharing is easy as well, SoundCloud makes it simple to share and promote sound files to anyone and offers a few different stylish SoundCloud embeddable widgets. With SoundCloud users can view stats on each track they create including the number of shares, likes, listens, and more.

For iPhone and Android users, SoundCloud’s mobile app enables users to record and share sounds on the move. Access your Dashboard, listen to other users sounds and much more, all for FREE. 175 million people listen on SoundCloud each month. Get the tools you need to share your music and grow your audience.

SoundCloud is Free to use but does offer two paid plans; “Pro” and “Pro Unlimited”. Double your upload time with a Pro subscription or get limitless storage for your tracks, albums, projects, and back catalogue with Pro Unlimited. Both plans also provide the data you need to plan your releases, connect with your biggest fans, and build your career thanks to more in-depth stats and analytics. The “Pro” plan costs $6.00 a month while the “Pro Unlimited” plan runs $15.00 a month.

PRICE: Free – $15.00/mo.



  • Reliable high-quality streaming playback
  • Beautiful, clean interface
  • Social networking connectivity - Easily connect and share on other social networks
  • Stylish Widget - Great looking widgets that come in three variations
  • Free Plan - 100% free plan is available
  • Large Community - 175 million people listen on SoundCloud each month


  • All accounts limited to 128kps mp3s
  • No editing tools - As of now there is no way to edit a sound file
  • Auto-plays random "recommended" track after your audio track is played (can't be disabled)



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