RouteNote provides artists a simple way to distribute and sell their music to major digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Spotify.

With RouteNote, artists can decide between two distribution methods. The first is a completely free service in exchange for 15% cut on royalty payments, no one-time charges or setup fees. The second method allows artists to pay a yearly subscription fee and keep 100% of royalties, RouteNote doesn’t take a cut. Artists can change between the two methods of distribution at will.

Regardless of the distribution method, each artists has access to free UPC and ISRC code generation.

RouteNote distribution partners include iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, eMusic, Thumbplay, and Deezer.

With the yearly subscription model users pay $30 per album ($45 for extended album) for the first year and only $9.99 every year after.

PRICE: Free – $45


  • No Revenue Sharing with "Premium" plan
  • Free UPC & ISRC Codes
  • Option for 100% Free Distribution (in exchange for a revenue cut)


  • Lack of distribution partners
  • Annual Fees on "Premium" plan
  • 15% revenue share on FREE plan


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