RockStar Texting is an SMS marketing service that allows fans to text a specific number with your band’s name and receive updates such as tour dates, secret shows, contests, and more.

How it Works –

Every person that texts your BANDNAME to 411247 is automatically added to your text message database. They are sent an automatic text message (which you set up). Send them a free mp3, coupon code, myspace url, venue address whatever!

With RockStar Texting bands can set up ‘text to win’ campaigns, recorded greetings, fanlist grouping, polls, and more.

The service also allows bands to offer ringtones and wallpaper to fans.

RockStar Texting offers 3 plans ranging from $15 – $35 a month. The ‘Basic’ plan gives users 1 band keyword while the ‘Indie’ plan offers 2 and the ‘Major’ plan allows for 3 band keywords.

PRICE: $15 – $35 a month


  • Fan Engagement - Communicate with your fans and reach new ones
  • Easy to Use - The service makes it easy to create campaigns


  • Monthly Fees - Monthly fees on all plans, no free plan
  • Text Credits - Aside from monthly fees, users need to purchase text credits



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