RocketHub is a crowdfunding website for creative projects.

With RocketHub anyone can post a crowdfunding campaign and request funds in return for specific rewards, that typically get better as the contribution amount increases.

Using RocketHub musicians can setup a campaign to raise funds to record an album, record a live DVD, launch a tour, or any other project that can help them.

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, RocketHub is open to anyone, even individuals who live out side the U.S.

To begin, a campaign creator posts project details, a funding goal, time limit, and rewards.

The service offers a fundraising system that’s unique to other services which usually use the “all-or-nothing” and “keep-it-all” system. RocketHub’s All & More system allows campaign creators (dubbed “Creative”) keep all the money raised (minus RocketHub fees) and if they exceed the fundraising goal the submission fee for their first 5 projects are waived.

There are no fees to start a campaign, however, there is a 4% charge on money raised if you meet your financial goal, 8% if you don’t.



  • Keep Money Raised - Ability to keep funds raised even if the funding goal isn't met
  • Start a project immediately - Start a campaign right away, no need to apply
  • Run simultaneous projects - Run more than one campaign at a time
  • International users can also posts projects
  • Retain 100% ownership your project


  • Revenue Share - RocketHub keeps 4-8% of all money raised
  • Transaction fee - Credit Card processing fees between 3-5% per transaction
  • Smaller community - RocketHub doesn't get as much traffic as other crowd funding sites



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