PureVolume is a website for promoting your music and finding new fans.

With PureVolume bands and musicians are provided with a suite of promotion tolls to aide them in finding and engaging with fans.

Each artists is provided with a profile page that contains their bio, photos, shows, and music for fans to stream or download for free.

Record labels have turned to PureVolume to promote their artists with bands such as Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New, owning some of their success to the service and the exposure it gained them.

PureVolume offers to membership options for artists, the ‘BASIC’ FREE account and a ‘PRO’ account for $9.99 a month.

For bands who want to reach a ton of fans, PureVolume offers the ‘PurePromo’. For $400 a band or musician can be featured on the PureVolume.com homepage for a week.

PRICE: Free – $9.99 a month


  • Reach new fans
  • Hundreds of thousands of members


  • Playlist song limit - 'Basic' account limits artists to 4 songs, 'Pro' account to 35.
  • Limits on photos - Artists photos are limited to 15 for 'Basic' and 100 for 'Pro'
  • MP3 streaming quality is limited on 'Basic' plan


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