Presskit.to is described as an “on-the-go portfolio that makes you look and sound your best.” The service allows musicians to share their music, contact info, calendar, and significant milestones dubbed “Wins” all in one custom page.

With Presskit.to musicians can quickly create a page and add their information, upload music, videos, photos, and other media. Users can even create their own unique URL (ex. presskit.to/YourProject) making it easy to share their “portfolio”. Customizable privacy & sharing options allow musicians to set expiration dates, control who views their content, set time limits, and much more.

The service makes it easy to share Presskit.to pages with anyone, anywhere, on any device, with a mobile-ready platform for those on the go.

Presskit.to offers a two-tiered subscription model. Their “Solo” plan is $2.00 a month and provides users with 1 fully loaded Presskit with media, file storage, and private sharing options. The “Indie” plan runs $5.00 a month and offers 3 Presskits along with access to their Partner Network.

PRICING: $2.00 – $5.00 a month



  • Quick Setup – Setup a Presskit in minutes
  • Sharing Controls - Ability to set expiration dates, control who views their content, and more


  • Limits on Presskits - 3 'Presskit' limit on higher plan



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