PledgeMusic is an online direct-to-fan (crowdfunding) platform that helps musicians raise funds for their projects.

With PledgeMusic artists can reach out to their fans and request help in raising funds for their next release or any other musical project.

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, PledgeMusic is solely focused on helping musicians, which means they provide services and features geared toward musicians.

Among the features of the service is the ability to create and offer up exclusive content to those who contribute towards your project. The service also integrates with Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and various other social network to help musicians promote their project.

With PledgeMusic project creators decide how much money they raise and they will only be charged once the full target amount has been raised and there’s even the option to build a charitable donation into a campaign.

For successfully funded campaigns, PledgeMusic charges a flat 15% fee.



  • Aimed specifically at musicians
  • Free to launch a project
  • Social integration - PledgeMusic makes it easy to promote your project on social networks
  • Option to contribute a portion of funds raised to charity
  • Retain 100% ownership your project


  • Revenue Share - PledgeMusic charges a 15% fee on any funds raised on a successful campaign



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