Opt It is a text message marketing service that allows artists to communicate and engage with their fans via their mobile device.

With Opt It fans can text a specific keyword to a designated phone number and receive information, download links, updates, and more.

The service offers many features including the ability to run contest, send alerts or messages, offer redemption codes to redeem offers, create customized web widgets to embed on your site, and much more.

With keywords user can set-up multiple keywords and run multiple programs/campaigns.

Opt It offers users customized reports including real-time reporting to track subscriptions, contest entries, votes, feedback and more.

PRICE: $20/mo. + $0.02 per message or $50/mo. w/ unlimited messages


  • Customized Reports - Create customized reports to track your mobile activity
  • Real-time Reporting - Track subscriptions, contest entries, votes, feedback and more in real-time
  • Export Reports - Export your reports into three easy formats: XLS, CSV and XML
  • Schedule Messages for Future Delivery


  • Per Message Fees - There is a fee of 2ยข per message on lower price plan



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