ONErpm is a digital music distribution service that allows artists to easily distribute their music to all the major online music stores including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Google Play.

With ONErmp artists have control of where their music is sold, with the ability to select pricing, territories, and the music stores they want to sell in.

To track and monitor sales, the service offers users free UPC and ISRC codes for albums and tracks as well as reporting all digital sales of any album or single to Neilson SoundScan.

ONErpm has a large selection of digital distribution partners including iTunes, Amzong, Spotify, eMusic, Rdio, MOG, 7digital, Deezer, and much more.

To distribute music using ONErpm, there is a one-time fee of $1.99 per store per album, or you can select all stores for a one-time flat fee of $39.99 per album, or $9.99 per single. In return, artists keep 85% of royalties they collect from the distribution partners, and 85% from sales on ONErpm.com. Artists can also opt to pay an annual fee of $30 and keep 100% of sales. Choose the plan that works best for you.

PRICE: $1.99 -$39.99 per track/album or $30.00 annual fee


  • Free UPC and ISRC Codes
  • Major Digital Stores available – Artists can sell at the top digital retailers
  • Keep 100% of sales - Pay an annual fee and keep 100% of sales


  • Fees - One-time fee per store and album submission


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