NoiseTrade helps artists & labels to connect with fans through the exchange of free music for email addresses & postal codes. With NoiseTrade artists can create a free artist profile on the NoiseTrade website or create embeddable widget that allows fans to download music for free in exchange for some information.

To get started on NoiseTrade artist upload their music, create their artists page and custom widget and begin sharing their music. Fans can easily share the widget with their friends on Facebook and Twitter, or embed it on their own site.

In return for the free download, fans enter their email address and postal code, which artists can then use to include them in a newsletter where they can promote their music, shows, or link them to their website. By knowing a fans postal code, artists can know which areas have the largest concentration of fans, helping them decide where to tour, or target specific fans directly when theres a local show. In addition to fan data, NoiseTrade lets fans respond to your free music in kind, giving fans the ability to leave a tip if they like what they hear. This is done via a ‘Tip Jar’ and when fans choose to give a ‘Tip’ artist keep 80% of the money while NoiseTrade keeps 20%. In addition, there is a small credit card fee ($0.30 and 5% of the ‘tip jar’ per transaction) that is deducted from the artist’s percentage.

NoiseTrade is free to sign up for both artists and fans.



  • Free - NoiseTrade is free to use
  • Reach new fans - With tens of thousands of users, your bound to find new fans
  • Social Integration - Makes it easy to share on social networks
  • Earn Tips - Let your fans pay to download your music or to show support


  • Revenue Sharing - NoiseTrade keeps 20% of all 'Tip Jar' donations
  • Credit Card fees - NoiseTrade charges a credit card processing fee in addition to the revenue cut
  • Paypal Required - In order to receive payment for 'Tips', a PayPal account is required


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