Ning allows anyone to create their own social network with their own look and feel.

With Ning, bands and musicians can create a social network for just their fans, allowing them to easily connect with fans, gain new ones, and create a social community.

Among the features available on the service is the ability to fully customize how the social network looks and works. With a collection of themes, users can change colors, backgrounds, images, and add integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more.

The service allows network creators to choose whether they want to charge members, or open up the network to everyone for free. You also have the ability to offer features such as photos, videos, forums, and blogs.

Premium features allow creators to run their own ads, sell merch, and much more.

Ning includes data & analytics, which allows you to keep track of visitors and know the most-active members.

With Ning, network creators own 100% of their content and member data.

Several major artists use Ning to power their fan networks including Linkin Park, and 50 Cent.

For network creators, pricing plans start at $25.00 a month and go up to $99.00 a month.

PRICE: $25 – $99 a month


  • Easy to setup - setup a social network in minutes
  • Social Integration - Integration with Facebook and Twitter available
  • Full customization - Customize your network to look any way you want
  • iPhone app - control your network from your mobile phone
  • Run Ads - Ability to run your own ads on your network


  • Monthly fees - there is no free plan available
  • Member limit - each plan has a limit on the maximum members allowed
  • Charging for membership extra - To charge for site membership you need to pay extra



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