Music Xray is a service that allows artists to discover or get discovered for possible music licensing opportunities for film, television, song placement, and more.

With Music Xray artists can upload their music and receive weekly emails for each song they upload letting them know if there are currently any industry professionals on Music Xray actively seeking songs like theirs. Artists can also search Music Xray’s database for current opportunities as well as receive a weekly email listing new opportunities. Artists can submit their music to be considered for any of the opportunities, with submission fees starting at $4.

When an artists submits music to an industry professional for consideration they are guaranteed feedback from the industry professional via a rating system. Regardless of whether their track is chosen, artists will receive a rating for their submission. Artists with higher ratings receive higher placement on the service giving them more access to hundreds of industry professionals who use the service to browse and listen to songs.

Music Xray also allows artists to get feedback from users directly via a focus group. The service enables artists to conduct a free focus group with 25 random music fans who give their feedback on a single track.

PRICE: Free (submission fees)



  • Free - Browse for licensing opportunities for free
  • Focus Group - Conduct a free focus group with 25 random music fans
  • Feedback - Receive feedback on your music


  • Submission Fees - Fee to submit music to be considered for any opportunities



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