Mobile Roadie is a self-service mobile app platform that allows anyone to create an iPhone, iPad, and Android app.

In addition, Mobile Roadie allows users to create a mobile-friendly website through their mobile web product. Their mobile web product makes it easy for content creators to create a customized mobile site.

With Mobile Roadie, app creators can build a feature packed app through an easy to use interface without the need to hire a developer.

Creating and app takes only minutes and app creatures can manage and update their app from the web without any programming knowledge.

Mobile Roadie offers app creators an easy to navigate dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview of your app’s analytics, including download stats, popular sections, user location map, promotional tools, and much more.

With many of its tools aimed squarely at musicians, Mobile Roadie is perfect for any artists looking to engage with their fans and reach new ones.

Among the features is the ability to stream music, post videos, share photos, list tour dates, send push notifications, create a fan wall, and much more.

One of the main benefits of using Mobile Roadie is that they handle the App Store approval process. If an app is rejected, they will help you make the necessary changes to get it into the iTunes app store.

Mobile Roadie offers 2 main pricing plans; Their “Core” plan gives users the ability to create an iPhone and Android app but with limited design customization among other restrictions. The “Pro” plan gives users the ability to create iPhone and Android apps with custom designs, Geo Fencing, API access, and many more features.

PRICE: $149 – $799 a month



  • Beautiful UI
  • Easy to use - Mobile Roadie is easy to use and navigate
  • Customizable - Apps can be customized to meet your look/feel ("Pro" plan offers advanced customization)
  • Features perfect for musicians - Mobile Roadie offers many features perfect for musicians


  • Monthly Pricing - Monthly pricing for creating an app can be very high



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