LogoTournament is a large marketplace for custom designed logos.

The service allows multiple designers to compete to win a contract or bid for a specific logo design. In addition, the user has the ability to choose a list of requirements that the designers must include in the logo

Users in LogoTournament also have the opportunity to view a designer’s portfolio allowing them to see their workmanship before starting on the logo design.

Overall, the service offers a cheap alternative to the traditional method of hiring design firms and gives the musician direct input in creating their ideal logo.

Logo contest start at $275 in addition there is a $39 listing fee. There is also a 10% “prize handling fee”.

PRICE: $39 listing fee (plus award amount)


  • Reach - Has a large community of designers
  • Money Back Guarantee - 100% satisfaction for design or money back
  • Cost - Low price alternative to hiring design firms


  • Quality - Quality of designs vary
  • Project minimum - $275 minimum bid
  • Listing fee - $39 listing fee
  • Handling fee - LogoTournament charges a 10% "prize handling fee"
  • Project Limitations - Only Logo designs are allowed


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