Jingle Punks is a music licensing company that provides music for television, film, web, advertising and more.

The service specializes in offering “pre-cleared music” for licensing and only offers up “the best music” through their screening process.

Jingle Punks has partnered with several large television networks including the History Channel, Comedy Central, Bravo, and HBO.

Using the Jingle Player, clients can find the exact music they need for the given project and can license the music quickly and for a low price.

For musicians, Jingle Punks offers a great way to promote your music and gain exposure by licensing your songs.

Signing up for Jingle Punks is free but requires approval. To get started musicians can initially submit two mp3 demo’s via their submit page for Jingle Punks to demo. If they like the demos they will allow you to offer up your music for licensing.

Musicians are required to sign up with a Performance Rights Organization (i.e. ASCAP, BMI, ect.) in order to sign up with Jingle Punks.

All single use license fees secured by Jingle Punks are split with the artist 50/50.



  • Reach - The service has several large licensing partners
  • Non Exclusive - Jingle Punks licensing contracts are non-exclusive


  • Revenue Share - Jingle Punks takes a 50% cut of all licensing fees
  • P.R.O. Membership Required - Musicians must be part of a Performance Rights Organization
  • Pre-Approval - You music must be approved by Jingle Punks
  • Control - No control of where your music will be used
  • Free Licensing - The service reserves the right to license music for free on certain occasions, giving musicians no money


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