Indie on the Move (IOTM) is an open database of music venues and independent bands allowing musicians to find venues to play while also allowing booking agents the ability to find bands to play their venue.

Musicians can use IOTM as a resource for finding the perfect gig as well as a way to promote their music by creating an account and posting their music on the site.

By creating a free account on IOTM musicians can stay informed on upcoming local shows, gig opportunities, new bands, venues, and more. With an IOTM account, musicians can upload songs, photos and videos for other members to find and share.

IOTM also makes it easy to find and submit booking inquiries through the services internal emailing system to all venue bookers across the U.S.

You can also easily find and submit booking inquiries through the services internal emailing system to all venue bookers across the U.S.

The service makes it easy for members to communicate with other IOTM members, including other musicians, booking agents, labels, and promoters.

IOTM’s classified section allows musicians to post classified ads on their site, creating further exposure for yourself or your band.

From the website:

Created by members of the rock band ZELAZOWA, www.zelazowa.com, Indie on the Move was launched to forge a collaborative environment and reliable informational resource for independent musicians to book their own U.S. tours – for free. The concept behind the site is both a DIY (do it yourself) and DIT (do it together) approach to the music industry, and based primarily on the idea that artists working together, supporting the “scene” (local or otherwise) on a collective basis, are typically more successful than those that go it alone.

Indie on the Move is a free service, however, they offer a Professional booking option that assist bands with booking gigs. ‘Indie on the Move professional’ routes your tour, perfects your booking pitch, evaluates your web presence, and contacts suitable music venues in desired markets along your route on your behalf. ‘Indie on the Move professional’ starts at $295 for 10 markets.



  • Easy to use - Indie on the Move is easy to use. Finding available gigs is simple
  • Free - Indie on the Move is free service, no membership fees
  • No Revenue Share - Indie on the Move takes no cut of any shows booked through the service



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