iBuildApp is an DIY platform for creating a simple and inexpensive iPhone and/or Android app.

With iBuildApp anyone can create an app in less than an hour and submit it to the app store for approval.

The service is perfect for musicians who are looking for something fast and easy to create and provides several features perfect for any artists including the ability to sell merch, stream audio, video, create an events calendar, and more.

iBuildApp pricing plans are not available on a monthly basis. Annual plans start at $143.99 /yr. for 100 download limit and run up to $712.80 /yr for unlimited downloads.

PRICE: $143.99 – $712.80 a year


  • Free service - no monthly fees or setup cost
  • iPhone and Android apps available
  • Great features for musicians
  • Twitter and Facebook Integration - Connect your Facebook and Twitter account


  • Ugly UI - App template is very basic
  • Lack of customization - Customizing an app is limited



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