HostBaby allows musicians and bands to create a website in minutes. The service caters to independent musicians, authors and artists giving them the tools they need to create a website with out the need for coding.

HostBaby is a hosted content management solution for musicians giving them the tools they need to create a website in minutes, with out the need to know any coding.

The service allows user to customize their site with a variety of templates aimed squarely at musicians. Users can also easily create posts and pages with simple to use tools.

Unlike WordPress and other similar services, HostBaby caters to independent musicians and offers to such as a calendar (tour dates), audio player, press pages, store, photo gallery, contact form and much more.

PRICE: $20 a month ($199 a year)


  • Aimed squarely at musicians - The service caters to bands
  • Great tools for musicians - Several great tools for musicians such as the audio player
  • Ease of Use - creating pages and customizing your site is fairly easy
  • Great Themes - Although limited, the themes available are great


  • Costs - Unlike some other services, HostBaby does not have a Free plan
  • Flexibility¬†- customization is limited
  • Limited tools - Although some tools (calendar and audio player) are great, some are severely lacking



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