Gumroad allows users to sell anything through a simple link they can share on Twitter or Facebook.

With Gumroad bands can sell mp3s, albums, t-shirts, tickets, and more by simply filing out a form with a price, link, and image. This will create a short link which users can share. When clicked, the buyer is send to a Gumroad page where they can pay for the item and are then redirected to the link the seller designated. Payments are processed by Gumroad and buyers can pay with all major credit cards. Sellers are paid at the end of every month.

The service comes with built in analytics, allowing sellers easily access and visualize important sales data, track conversion and referrals, and seamlessly integrate products with Google Analytics.

Gumroad is free to use with no monthly fees, however, the service takes a 5% cut + 0.30 cents on every transaction.



  • Ease of Use - Setting up a purchase link is simple
  • Free - Gumroad is free to use, no monthly fees
  • Credit Card Support - All major credit cards are accepted for purchases


  • Transaction Fees - Gumroad takes a cut of all transactions
  • Payments - Sellers are paid only once a month



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