Intuit GoPayment is a mobile payment solution that allows users to accept credit cards anywhere through their mobile device.

With GoPayment users can accept credit cards without the need to sign-up for a merchant account.

Accepting credit cards is simple, all sellers need to do is download the free GoPayment app their iOS or Android device and request a free GoPayment card reader.

Intuit offers two pricing plans, a free “Pay-as-you-Go” plan and a “Low Monthly Rates” plan that cost $19.95 a month. On the free plan, there are per swipe transaction fees of 2.40% – 3.40% + 25¢ per transaction. The “Low Monthly Rates” plan, which runs $19.95, offers lower transaction fees in return for a monthly fee. Per swipe transaction fees on the paid plan are 1.7% – 3.15%.

PRICE: 2.40% – 3.40% (plus 25¢ per transaction on “Pay-as-you-Go” plan); “Low Monthly Rates” plan is $19.95 a month with lower transaction fees.


  • No Merchant Account Necessary
  • No Payment Limit – There are no limits to the amount payments you can take
  • Convenience – Accept credit cards anywhere
  • Free plan available (w/ transaction fees)


  • Transaction Fees - Although low, there are transaction fees


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