EmuBands is based in the U.K. and provides artists a simple way to sell their music on the World’s leading digital music retailers.

For a one-off fee per release, bands and musicians can begin selling their music and keep 100% of the royalties and there are no annual fees.

Currently EmuBand distributes to over 150 stores worldwide including all major online and mobile retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Napster and We7.

From the website:

EmuBands provides a simple solution for you to get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and many other of the World’s leading digital music retailers.

You’ll get 100% of the royalties generated from sales of your music, and you will always maintain ownership and control of your rights – your music will stay on sale on your chosen stores until you tell us to remove it.

With a simple pricing structure, all you’ll pay is a one-off fee per release, with no annual fees and no storage fees – choose as many stores as you want to sell your music through for one simple price.

You’ll also get 24/7 access to your royalties – request payment at any time, with no minimum threshold required before we pay you!

PRICE: $42.50 – $84.95


  • No Revenue Sharing - EmuBands never takes a cut of any sales
  • Large selection of digital retailers - over 150 digital retailers available
  • One-off pricing, no annual fees


  • Chart registration cost extra
  • Daily sales data cost extra



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