Dropcards is a provider of download cards for musicians, businesses, or anyone in the entertainment industry.

With Dropcards musicians can reach out to fans by offering them easy access to downloadable content.

Dropcards are available in either plastic or cardstock and are customized with any image and a unique code. Upon receiving a Dropcard users are presented with easy-to-follow directions on where and how to redeem the card, along with your exclusive website URL. Using the access code that is unique to each card, the users has access to any digital content, whether its a free mp3 download, album download, or any other downloadable content.

The service also offers content providers the ability to create a customizable and dedicated website hosted at Dropcards.com (example: www.dropcards.com/yourbandname) for users to reed the card or their download manager can be embedded directly on another website.

To get started content providers set up an account, submit their artwork for the cards, and upload the digital files that will be accessible with the card. Once the information and files are submitted Dropcards prints the download cards and ships them within a few days.

Among the features of the service is the ability to monitor card redemption statistics in real-time as well as view user data that was collected such as email addresses and your users’ locations throughout the country based on their IP address.

Dropcards varies in pricing depending on the amount and material. Prices range from $0.19 – $0.49 per card (p.c), with the price dropping as quantities increase.

PRICE: Starts at $0.49 per card w/ min. order of 100


  • Great way to reach fans
  • Easy to create - Creating Dropcards is simply
  • Real-time analytics - monitor card redemption statistics in real-time


  • Setup Fee - there is a $49 setup fee for orders of less than 5,000
  • Order Minimum - There is a minimum of 100 Dropcards per order
  • Extra for custom site - Extra charge to create a custom site where your download cards are redeemed



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