DiscRevolt’s StoreFront allows bands to sell their music and merch directly to fans from their own website through a simple storefront.

With StoreFront bands can sell their digital albums, CDs, vinyl, shirts, posters, and any other physical merch. To begin band’s simply set up their products and prices and are given an HTML code to paste anywhere on their site. The code generates a “Buy Now” button which customers can click to purchase that item through the StoreFront gateway. StoreFront takes care of the credit card processing, collecting customer information (name, shipping address, ect.), as well as emailing purchase confirmations. The service will also handle all digital distribution and order fulfillment including physical goods, which they will warehouse for you. Customer service is also handled by StoreFront, so when a customer has a question or problem they contact StoreFront directly.

PRICE: $4.99 – $9.99 a month


Order Fulfillment – StoreFront warehouses your physical goods and takes care of order fulfillment.
Free Warehousing – There are not fees for warehousing your physical goods.
Sell Anywhere – Since StoreFront is an embeddable store, you can place your store front anywhere (as long as you have access to post HTML)


Fees – For transaction under $5 DiscRevolt keeps a flat $0.50.
Revenue Share – With all transactions over $5, DiscRevolt keeps 10% of sales revenue.
Not self-hosted – StoreFront is not self-hosted, it’s an embeddable store which works in conjunction with your own separate website.


Customers who email atar@discrevolt.com and mention ‘Sell Your Band‘ in the email will get 15% off the design fee and the first month service charge FREE. [Site




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