BeatPick is an online music licensing service that offers musicians an easy way to license their music for both commercial and non-commercial use.

With BeatPick musicians can earn money and increase exposure by licensing their music for film, tv, advertising and many other projects.

BeatPick has partnered with several large corporations to license music to, including 20th Century Fox, The Travel Channel, Toyota, Dodge, Chevrolet, and K-SWISS, among many more.

To get started musicians create an account on BeatPick, upload their music, select from a variety of licensing options and set a price.

Clients looking to license music can go on BeatPick and use their search tools to find the perfect song. BeatPick’s licensing managers will also pitch your music to hundreds of music supervisors who work in film, tv and advertising.

It is 100% free to setup an account on BeatPick. If a client chooses to license your music, BeatPick pays you 50% of all earnings made by your music through the site (they keep 50%). The fees are paid out four times per year.



  • Reach - The service has several large licensing partners
  • Non Exclusive - BeatPick’s licensing contracts are non-exclusive
  • Promotion - BeatPick promotes your music by pitching it to music supervisors and encouraging its’ use in non-commercial projects


  • Revenue Share - BeatPick keeps 50% of all licensing fees
  • Control - Limited control of where your music will be used


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