BandWagon is a gig booking site that allows bands to find small venues and festivals to play at.

Currently serving only venues and bands in the UK and Northern Ireland, BandWagon makes it easy to find places to play.

The service allows promoters to list the venue, location, genre and payment details for the show(s) they are trying to book. Artists who find a listing they are interested in playing can send a professionally pre-populated message to the promoter to apply for the gig.

Bands who sign up for BandWagon receive regular updates with gigs that match their genre and are within a certain distance from their location.

For promoters the service makes it easy to search and view all applications/submissions including information on the band, music samples, and the ability to view their their electronic press kit (EPK).

For musicians, BandWagon is free to use. A Premium option, which runs £8 per month, allows artists to customize their EPK, gig notification, and more.

PRICE: Free – £8 /mo.


  • Free - BandWagon is free to use


  • Availability - Service limited to the UK and Northern Ireland



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