Audiosocket is a music licensing website that gives artists the ability to license their music.

Using Audiosocket, musicians can earn extra money by licensing their music for use in advertisements, film, tv, games, and much more.

Submitting music to the service is free but requires musicians to be accepted in. To get started musicians can submit up to four mp3 demo’s via Audiosocket’s submit page to have reviewers listen to them. If they like what they hear and are given a guarantee that the material submitted is theirs (the artists) and not a sample or a cover, they’re IN!

For brands looking to license music, Audiosocket has developed an “amazing” music licensing technology that allows clients to search and stream tunes quickly and easily, so when clients do a search, they get the results they want.

To promote artist’s in their licensing catalog, Audiosocket creates a promotional newsletters that highlight certain artists as well as sends the occasional CD sampler to clients so they can hear your tunes.

Once a musician submits music to Audiosocket and is accepted in, they must agree to a two year term. Music can’t be removed from their catalog until after the initial two-year term, after which a musician can remove their music at any time.

Audiosocket takes a 50% cut of all licensing fees when they secure a placement.



  • Non Exclusive - Audiosocket's licensing contracts are non-exclusive
  • International - Non-U.S. based musicians can use the service
  • Audiosocket reports placements to BMI and ASCAP


  • Revenue Share - Audiosocket takes a 50% cut of all licensing fees
  • Pre-Approval - You music must be approved by Audiosocket
  • Contract - Minimum two year commitment
  • Control - No control of where your music will be used


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