AppMakr is a easy to use do-it-yourself platform for creating iPhone, Android, and HTML5 mobile formatted websites.

With AppMakr anyone, including musicians, can create an app quickly and at a low price using the AppMakr user-friendly system.

At a fraction of what it would cost to design an app from scratch and hire a developer, AppMakr is perfect for anyone on a short budget looking to launch an app.

AppMakr’s platform uses RSS to power most of the content in a creator’s app and includes several features, among them push-notifications, photo galleries, videos, direct-to-fan (user) messaging, and much more. The service also allows creators to charge for their app or give it away for free.

For those project creators unfamiliar with the app store approval process, AppMakr will walk you through the process of submitting your app for approval.

AppMakr starts at $2 a month for their “Basic” plan, which allows you to create an Android or HTML5 mobile site but with limited features including restrictions on charging for the app. To publish an iPhone app you will need to opt for the “Pro” version, which runs $12.00 a month and gives creators access to advanced features, including the ability to monetize. Under either plan, an Annual Developer account will be required, which goes directly to Apple / Google. Google Play Developer account will cost you $25 (one time), and Apple iTunes Developer account will cost you $99/year. These prices can vary as per their respective policies.

PRICE: $2 – $12 a month



  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Easy to use
  • Set-up and publish your app in minutes


  • Limited Features
  • Limited design - very few design templates to choose from
  • Customization limited - There are limits on how much you can customize your app



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