99designs is a crowdsource design service that allows people to set up design contests.

The service allows users to bring together a pool of designers from all over the world and have them submit designs for a specific design project a user is looking for.

With 99designs, musicians can setup contest for a logo design, banner ad, website design, album cover, or t-shirt design, and more.

The service offers a cheap alternative to the traditional method of hiring only one designer for your project.

Pricing for design contest vary depending on what your looking to have designed and the amount of the prize. The service offers 4 types of prize packages – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, with Bronze the most affordable package and Platinum the most expensive. The better the prize package, the more high-quality designs you will have to choose from.

PRICE: Pricing varies by type of project (t-shirt design, logo, etc.) and prize package chosen. Project minimum starts at $189.00.


  • Price - It's cheap to launch a contest
  • Selection - Get a large selection of designs to choose from
  • Money Back Guarantee - If you don't like and submitted designs you can get your money refunded
  • Reach - Large community of designers


  • Quality - Quality of designs may vary depending on reward amount
  • Project Minimum - $189.00 minimum project prize


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